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Our Wedding. Paestum, 5th September 2016


No doubt in choosing a place rather than another .
No other place would have been more appropriate to celebrate this love because basically we had always imagined it like that .
Casale Giancesare, bride’s home, a second home to the bridegroom. An home away from home for you that you will share with us this day.
On Casale Giancesare Web page, at your disposal, there are all kind of information to make sure you can get there in time for our YES, I do!

Immediately afterwards only the two of us will run away on a very far away country.

Whether you would like to participate in our honeymoon…:

Baldassarre Luca, Banca Unicredit – IBAN IT94Y 02008 05139 000102996847


With our best intentions We Wait for you;)

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