Casale Giancesare is located in a privileged position, just two kilometers from the archaeological excavations of Paestum, the three temples built 2500 years ago and the beautiful museum.

The farmhouse, built in the nineteenth century in local stone, has been completely renovated and each year receives those improvements that make your stay more enjoyable.

Today it is a place in the countryside, surrounded by a Mediterranean garden full of many and varied species of plants, among which dominate olive and mulberry trees, vines, pomegranates, clumps of lavender, sage and rosemary. But what matters most is that the whole property is surrounded by nature, in an atmosphere of complete relaxation. In front there is the sea: the view of the Gulf of Salerno, the Amalfi Coast and the Cilento as a backdrop to the island of Capri, is one that, especially at sunset, they leave you breathless.

Restructuring has been applied to the wisdom of the common sense of the family Voza. The choice of materials, the care and attention to detail, have failed to ensure the perfect harmony of style is simple and tasteful with the presence of modern comforts.

Principle of Casale Giancesare, boost its birth and its development, is the value of the family, our family, the family Voza. This idea and this fact permeates every moment of our history.

And within our family that in 1999, comes the desire to renovate an old farmhouse property in order to make our home in which to live in a constant contact with nature.

The renovations require three years; but this is also the time it takes for, always from the heart of the family, born a desire to share with others the love for the old building brought back to life and nature, rich and generous gifts. Here, then, the idea of ​​dedicating our intelligence, our sensitivity , our warmth hospitality.

And the Casale Giancesare opens the doors of the house to become a place of welcome and rest for the “travelers and explorers” of the new millennium that here in this land so rich in art and history, made particularly beautiful by nature all to discover and to live, are helping to enrich their culture at the same time, you get to know them.

There is research mode, but rather a careful attention to make guests feel as if they were in their own home country. This gets the spontaneous warmth of the family Voza, who lives his life in close contact with the customer.

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